Le Clos Mâcon-Cruzille Blanc 居悠圃珂珞園白酒


AOC:Bourgogne Mâcon-Cruzille
葡萄品種:100% Chardonnay
容量:750 ml




葡萄品種 Grape variety:100% Chardonnay

平均樹齡 Average age of vines: 16 years

種植面積 Planting surface:0.1 ha

產量 Production:300 btls

酒精度 Alcohol:13 %

土壤 Soil:夾帶鮞粒灰岩的層狀石灰岩,上方覆有2~4公分的土壤 / Oolitic limestone in layers of limestone slabs coverd with thin soil (20~40mm)

釀造法 Vinification:天然酵母發酵,橡木桶熟成24個月,中途以前一年之同款酒添桶,裝瓶前不過濾、不澄清以保留酒質原貌 / Fermented with natral yeast. Aged in old burgundy barrels for 24 months, topping with the same wine of previous year. No filtering, no clarification before bottling to preserve the nature of wine.




風味 Aromas:白花香、花蜜、桃子、蘋果、柚子、奶油麵包、礦石氣息,濃郁悠長的尾韻 / White flowers, peach, exotic fruits, honey, brioche, mineral touch and long beautiful finish.

適飲溫度 Service temperature:16-18 °C

小提醒 Reminders: 建議至少提前60分鐘開瓶或置入醒酒瓶醒酒後再慢慢享用 / We recommand to open the bottle at least 60 minutes in advance or serve with a decanter and take your time to enjoy this wine.

陳年潛力 Potential: 10-15 years

珂珞園是錦石園中石牆圍起、僅0.1公頃的極小地塊,每公頃產量20公石,不到勃根地特級園(Grand Cru)法定產量六成(35hl/ha)、一級園(Premier Cru)的一半(40hl/ha)。這裏種植100%未嫁接的馬薩選種(massal selection)葡萄,採取高密度種植法(en foule)耕植,除了作為酒莊其他葡萄園的嫁接親本,更為酒帶來了廣域的香氣、豐富的層次與絕佳平衡,令人驚豔的酒質,譽為馬貢內的特級園一點也不為過。

想一嚐十九世紀末葡萄根瘤芽蟲害前(pre-phylloxera)的勃根地原始風味,千萬不能錯過年產僅一桶(225公升)的珂珞園。同時品嚐錦石園(Les Perrieres)白酒,體驗相近的風土環境下成長、母株與子株葡萄風味區別的樂趣。

Because this part of Les Perrières is so small, and all the work here must be done by hand, the winery decided to plant it en foule (very high density) plantation in order to provide parent plants for grafts for other vineyards. This practice is call massal selection as it was done in Burgundy in old time. Le Clos is porduced with extremly low yield(20hl/ha). The results are very impressive because the plants have adapted very well. The wines are very complex and exceptionally well-balanced considering the age of the vines.

This cuvee is a must for wine lovers looking for a taste of what wine was like pre-phylloxera. The vines are planted on the same terroir as Les Perrières, it is very interesting to compare the two cuvees from one vintage, and see the difference non-grafting makes.