Clos de la Mollepierre Mâcon-Cruzille Blanc 莫瑞園白酒


AOC:Bourgogne Mâcon-Cruzille
葡萄品種:100% Chardonnay
容量:750 ml




葡萄品種 Grape variety:100% Chardonnay

平均樹齡 Average age of vines: 35 years

種植面積 Planting surface:1.3 ha

產量 Production:5000 btls

酒精度 Alcohol:13.5 %

土壤 Soil:石灰岩、黏土Limestone, clay

釀造法 Vinification:天然酵母發酵,2~3年橡木桶熟成11個月,裝瓶前不過濾、不澄清以保留酒質原貌 / Fermented with natral yeast. Aged in 2 to 3 year-old burgundy barrels for 11 month. No filterd, no clarification before bottling to preserve the nature of wine.




風味 Aromas:鳳梨、柑橘、柚、栗子、礦石氣息,濃郁悠長的尾韻 / Pineapple, citrus, yuzu, chesnut, minerality, long beautiful finish.

適飲溫度 Service temperature:16-18 °C

小提醒 Reminders: 建議提前約45~60分鐘開瓶或置入醒酒瓶30分鐘後再開始享用 / We recommand to open the bottle 45~60 minutes or put the wine in a decanter for 30 minutes before serving.

陳年潛力 Potential: 10 years

Clos de la Mollepierre在中世紀修道院l’Abbaye de Cluny修士非常重視的葡萄園,周圍以近兩米高的石牆為界,僅0.85公頃的珍寶。 Domaine Guillot Broux為了從不懂珍惜且運用惡事裡百般阻撓的前地主手中接手照顧這偉大的孤兒,吃了許多苦頭,最後皇天不負苦心人,1992年「革命成功」成為莫瑞園的「繼父母」,又花了十年整地。2009年復耕,2015年上市。此園葡萄藤雖年輕,其酒特殊的風味與強大的陳年潛力已難掩鋒芒,只在好年份生產,非常值得收藏!。一開瓶,La Mollepierre就以熱情的熱帶水果與柑橘香氣先發制人,接著逐漸轉成礦物質和清潤秋季水果的平衡共舞,尾韻持久綿長,來回繚繞,展現驚人的深度!

Clos de la Mollepierre belonged to the monks of Cluny Abbey. It is surrounded by a dry stone wall almost two meters high. The winery has spent almost ten years of work on this plot to rehabilitate the soil and adapt it to the use of tractors while preserving this wall. The romances of this “clos” is revealed in the french wine comic “Un Grand Bourgogne Oublié” co-editted by the winemaker Manu Guillot and his two artist friends.  The plot is first re-planted in 2011. While the first vintage is born in 2015,  the amazing minerality and complexity has proved the wines quality and potential which are comparable to the old vines of “Les Perrières” with its unique caracteritics makes it disguishable from the latter.