Beaumont (Gamay) Mâcon-Cruzille Rouge 居悠圃酒莊錦山園紅酒


AOC:Bourgogne Mâcon-Cruzille
葡萄品種:100% Gamay
容量:750 ml




葡萄品種 Grape variety:100% Gamay

平均樹齡 Average age of vines:25 years

種植面積 Planting surface:1.5 ha

產量 Production:8000 btls

酒精度 Alcohol:12.5 %

土壤 Soil:侏羅紀菲拉多米亞世大理石(貝殼)、巴多世白堊土 / Marl formed by Pholadomya fossils, Bathonian limestone and clay.

釀造法 Vinification:來自Beaumont園中之老滕佳美葡萄,天然酵母發酵,傳統勃根地紅酒釀造,於舊橡木桶熟成11個月後裝瓶 / Made with Pinot Noir grages from two tiny parcels from Les Géniévrières , traditional burgundy red wine vinification, 11 months old barrel aging before bottling.




風味 Aromas:黑醋栗、覆盆子、新鮮蘑菇、胡椒、略帶肉香 / Black current, cranberry, fresh mushroom, black pepper with meaty hints.適飲溫度 Service temperature:16-18 °C

小提醒 Reminders:建議提前約30分鐘開瓶或置入醒酒瓶15-20分鐘,醒酒後請放鬆心情享用 / We recommand to open the bottle 30 minutes or decant the wine for 15~20 minutes before serving.

陳年潛力 Potential: 5-10 years

Guillot Broux的Gamay葡萄一律以cordon Royat 剪枝法高密度種植在坡地中段,以抑制生性活躍的Gamay生長過度茂盛,讓植株為求生存相互競爭,創造適者生存的環境,得到富含礦物感的高品質葡萄。

Beaumont的土壤是古老的侏羅紀中世後期化石風化而來的石灰岩與黏土,為酒香帶來明顯的胡椒等香辛料風味是其特點,Domaine Guillot Broux於1978年種下鄰近的薄酒萊代表品種Gamay,除了其風土非常接近,更以他們的實力將Gamay葡萄釀出正宗勃艮第風骨,使這款酒成為酒莊的精神象徵之一。

All of the Domaine’s gamays are cut in Royat cord so as to limit the natural vigor of the grape variety. On the clay-limestone soils of the Mâconnais, the wines express a very particular peppery and spicy character. Beaumont is an emblematic cuvée of the Domaine, it is a true Burgundy-style gamay which is farily know by people who is not from the area…