Abbaye Road Fleurie 艾比路紅酒


葡萄品種:Gamay Noir


葡萄品種 Grape variety : Gamay Noir

平均樹齡 Averge age of vines : 40~80 years

酒精度 Alc:14%
土質 Soil : 由花崗岩風化分解成的中淺層沙壤土,表層混有石灰礫石。
Sandy soil decomposed from primary rocks (granits) and old alluvium, covered with limestones on the surface layer.

釀造法 Vinicifation:以傳統紅酒釀造法取代薄酒萊向來引以聞名的二氧化碳低溫浸皮釀造法 ,手工採收整串葡萄以小籃分裝送至酒窖再進行第二次選果以去蕪存菁,原串置入溫控水泥槽以天然酵母使發酵自然啟動,不壓榨,酒精發酵期間每天進行輕柔的淋皮6~12天之後大部分果汁置入30公石巨大橡木桶,其餘置入600公升新桶及228公升的五年桶陳年,11個月後混合裝瓶,只在好年份生產。

Traditionnal red wine making method. Fermented in contcret tank with natural yeast, gentle pomping over during 6~12 days. The juice then goes partially to the huge barrel(30hl), partially filled into demi-muids(600L) and 5-year-old burgundy barrels(228L) for 11 months. This wine is only produced in good vintages.



風味 Aromas : 藍莓、黑醋栗、蜜李、乾燥玫瑰、鳶尾花、胡椒、八角、丁香。Bluberry, black curerant, plum, faded rose, grey pepper, star anis, clove.

適飲溫度 Service temperature:16~18°C

小建議 Reminders:飲用前至少30分鐘開瓶醒酒,或置入醒酒瓶醒酒,約一小時左右香氣達到初步融合狀態。Open the bottle at least 30 minutes before serving to allow aerate the wine. Pouring into a decanter can reduce the time of the wien aeration then simplily remain the wine in the opened bottle. The best balance of the flavor can be expected one hour after aeration.

陳年潛力 Potential:10~20 years

這是一款充滿野心與原創精神的酒款,融合勃根地女王Lalou-Bize-Leroy的釀酒哲學與Marc對自家葡萄獨到的見解賦注入Abbaye Road靈魂,打破藩籬創作出濃濃果味花香、新鮮與乾燥香草及礦物韻、層次豐富程度超乎理論的Fleurie佳釀,優雅中帶有勁道的紅酒。手工逐串選果,只在特定年份限量生產,深夜沈澱粹飲,犒賞自己me time首選。

This wine is the art which communicate with the drinker the ambition, the creativity and the originalituy of the winemaker. Rich and mysterious flavored without losing the freshness of the fruits, Abbay Road is also the most concentrated cuvée among all Marc Delienne’s wines and is only roduced in the years of great climate condition in the region.