A La Folie Saint Amour 瘋的要命紅酒


AOC:Saint Amour
葡萄品種:Gamay Noir


葡萄品種 Grape variety : Gamay Noir
平均樹齡 Average age of vines : 10 years
酒精度 Alc:13.5%
耕植 Culture:Guyot剪枝法,每公頃種約7000棵。
Guiyot cut vines planted with the density of 7000 vines per hectare.
土壤 Soil : 由花崗岩風化分解成的淺層沙壤土。
Sandy limestone soil decomposed by granits.
釀造法 Vinification:整串葡萄手工採收後以小籃分裝,在酒窖進行第二次選果去蕪存菁,原串置入溫控水泥槽,天然酵母發酵,以二氧化碳浸漬法釀製8天後榨汁,置入巨大橡木桶陳年8個月。
Hand harveste whole bunch grapes were placed into small crates before sorting in the cellar. Carbonic maceration, fermentation with natrual yeasts, the juice is pressed after 8 days and is aged 10 months in 30hl wine cask.


風味 Aromas:紅色莓果、杏桃、櫻桃香甜酒、胡椒、甘草。Red berries, apricot, cherry liqueur, pepper, licorice.
適飲溫度 Service temperature:12~14°C
小建議 Reminders:即開即飲。
Can be served immediatly after opening the bottle.
陳年潛力 Garde:3~8 years


來自薄酒萊十個列級村莊最北邊的Saint Amour村厚厚鵝卵石與花崗岩沖積沙土層層疊疊的土壤,能留住白天陽光的溫度,在寒冷的夜裡緩緩溫度釋放為葡萄保暖,種植密度每公頃7000株,比Marc的其他酒款來的低(10000株/公頃),有著舒服的環境,在這裡生長的葡萄像吸收滿滿愛心,樂天開朗,人見人愛的孩子,果香濃郁奔放,咕嚕咕嚕一口接一口的熱情薄酒萊!
Saint Amour is the most north part of Beaujolais region where thick pebbles and granite alluvial sands, the northernmost part of the ten villages of Beaujolais, retain the temperature of the daytime sun. In the cold nights, the temperature is released to keep the grapes warm and the planting density is high. 7000 hectares, which is lower than other wines of Marc (10,000 plants/ha), has a comfortable environment. The grapes growing here are full of love, happy, cheerful children, fruity , take a sip of the passionate thin wine!